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Francois-Xavier Pourre's Works

About is François-Xavier Pourre’s website.

Born in 1978 in France, I have studied illustration and graphism at Saint Luc Tournai (Belgium) and computer graphics at Supinfocom Valenciennes (France). From 2003 to 2007, I’ve worked as a CG artist and 3D supervisor in several post-production companies, including Buf, Def2shoot (France) and The Mill (London).

In 2007 I’ve formed the French collective The Holograms with my friends Vincent Viriot and Mathieu Gastaldi.
Our very first project was “Destruckt”, an experimental home-made short-film. The same year, we won the MTV / Onedotzero Bloom contest and directed a one-minute ident for MTV. This inaugurated our collaboration with UFO label and Mathematic.

Since then I’m working full-time at UFO as director and motion designer on commercials, music videos and TV idents, always looking for ways to combine striking imagery with strong narrative content.